Fishing Lakes and Rivers near to Les Chaffauds

Fishing at a local lake

…whiling away a peaceful afternoon on the edge of a picturesque lake…..

Here at Les Chaffauds, we have several well-stocked fishing lakes within just a short driving distance. Paul, you host, loves to go fishing and can offer lots of information on the best spots for catching carp, bream or pike.

Fishing is a regulated sport here in France, and so needs a permit - these are readily available locally, and Paul & Isabelle can arrange these for you.

Here are some of Paul’s recent catches……click on the images to view a larger version.

Fishing is a great sport for all ages……
Fishing Fun for all the family

Even if fishing is not your sport, you can still visit the lakes and walk around the edges, taking in the breathtaking scenery. The waters are calm and offer great photographic opportunities! Lovely reflections in the water of the surrounding landscapes.
A Rainbow over the fishing lake
relections in the lake
Sunset over the fishing lake

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